Parent Testimonials

Finding Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services was a blessing. My daughter, Angelica, is autistic and requires OT once a week. It was very hard to get her to her previous therapist because the car ride would take at least an hour each way. The long ride would make Angelica very frustrated. Since Angelica began receiving her OT services she has shown a lot of improvement. Her attention span has gotten better, and she is able to focus more on her treatment plan and daily goals. The “You can do it!” approach that Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services provides has really helped Angelica improve her fine motor skills. Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services is great! The facility is warm, friendly, and clean. I am so happy we found such a wonderful place for Angelica!


My son has been receiving physical therapy with Dr. Denise for over 6 years. Her treatment is comprehensive and creative. My son loves coming to “play” with Dr. Denise because each week the therapy activities are designed to be fun for him while working to strengthen his gross motor skills. As a healthcare provider myself, I routinely refer my patients to Special Needs PT for superior quality care in physical therapy as well as speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Bill & Annete Grant

We have been blown away with all of the incredible improvement we have seen in Logan since he started OT. He is actually responding to us now and answering questions, verses turning his head and just walking away. He says, “night” at bedtime and he is much more vocal with us. His vocabulary skills have more than quadrupled and he even is answering questions from Dora the Explorer. It really is incredible to see this transformation happen before our eyes.


We are very happy with the services my son has received from Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services. His occupational therapist is professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. We feel that she does not only treat our child, but also the whole family. She really listens and takes the time to understand how we live day-to-day and give us strategies for what we can do at home. I would definitely recommend SNPTS to anyone seeking such important services for their child.


My son, Charlie, has seen Denise Hoell for physical therapy since 1998. I can say, without reservation, that Denise is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for each of her patients. Her style is highly motivating for children of all ages. She makes therapy so much fun that Charlie usually doesn’t realize how hard he is working. Denise is an exceptionally knowledgeable and caring therapist. She’s always available when I have a question or concern about Charlie’s care. Additionally, her facility is clean, well-equipped, and conveniently located.


“Let me start by saying that Denise and her team are the creams of the crop. They have been treating our daughter for the past 4.5 years since she was 5 months old. In the course of this time, she has grown by leaps and bounds surrounded by innovative therapists who love her like she was her their own and celebrate every success, big and small, right along side of us. The facility is state of the art, extremely clean and incredibly inviting. In fact, we don’t call it therapy, our daughter refers to her sessions as “playdates”. As compared to experiences with past therapy groups, SNPTS has allowed us to focus on what’s really important, our daughter’s progress, rather than insurance hassles and billing nightmares. We consider these people to be more than just our daughter’s therapists, they have become a part of our family. Their extensive knowledge and constant optimism have helped me to dream a new dream for my daughter the sky is the limit and I have no doubt that SNPTS will continue to accompany our family on this incredible journey for years to come. Truth be told, I wouldn’t want it any other way!