Occupational therapy

A child’s occupation is playing and learning; occupational therapists are trained to evaluate a child’s play skills, school performance, fine motor skills, and activities of daily living in order to help promote independence in all areas of a child’s life.

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Speech therapy

Speech therapy may be helpful if a child is having difficulty expressing himself either verbally or non-verbally, struggling with sound production, articulation or language skills, or having difficulty with feeding and swallowing.

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Physical Therapy

Children may require the assistance of a physical therapist if they are having difficulty with locomotion, from the early skills of rolling and crawling, to the more advanced skills of walking and running. Physical therapists also assist children improve balance, strength & coordination.

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Meet Our Team
Our licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists are trained specifically in the treatment of infants, children and adolescents.
In our practice it is our goal to help each and every child exceed expectations on a daily basis! We partner with parents on their children’s developments and make them a part of a transformative journey.
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Parent testimonials

Finding Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services was a blessing. My daughter, Angelica, is autistic and requires OT once a week. It was very hard to get her to her previous therapist because the car ride would take at least an hour each way. The long ride would make Angelica very frustrated. Since Angelica began receiving her OT services she has shown a lot of improvement. Her attention span has gotten better, and she is able to focus more on her treatment plan and daily goals. The “You can do it!” approach that Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services provides has really helped Angelica improve her fine motor skills. Special Needs Pediatric Therapy Services is great! The facility is warm, friendly, and clean. I am so happy we found such a wonderful place for Angelica!

our non-profit inititative
special needs kids
Special Needs Kids, Inc. is a non-profit adaptive equipment lending library created specifically to meet the needs of the pediatric population.
Our mission is to decrease the healthcare costs associated with raising a child with special needs by providing loaned adaptive equipment, improving accessibility to adaptive equipment for children with special needs, and promoting an overall sense of good stewardship of healthcare resources by encouraging the donation and use of gently used adaptive equipment.
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Our office is conveniently located near the intersection of Peachtree Industrial Blvd. and Suwanee Dam Road.

We have two offices on the lower level of the 400 building. Please ask your therapist if you should plan to meet in Suite 435 or 455 for your child’s first appointment.
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